Hackney, East London

"Hackney - it’s where the city meets the East. A ten minute walk outside my apartment and you’re in the CBD - London CBD with all its high buildings, perfect concrete and glass forms. Yet literally only a couple streets over you reach the East - with its grunge, street art, concrete in disrepair, its layers of stories…the streets tell the stories, I walk them continually, mesmerized. I love those contrasts. I feel that’s what makes it move. Because it’s a breathing place, lungs and soul, it’s in my blood now. Burning red."


A feature collaboration written by Melanie Pol on her observations living in London's East.

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Displaced. You hadn't realised how comfortable you had become until the change kicks you out in broad daylight and the coat that you wore no longer fits you at all. 

Everything familiar now feels unknown. What you see coloured by the sensory filter of a changing season and appearing alien, or perhaps you're the one who is now an alien. Lights flicker on, warm yellow spilling out the panes. And the grey fades in all around. Beckoning at you once more.

Creative afternoons {watercolour art}

Late brunch of gluten free pancakes and fresh berries. Quality time with two beautiful friends. Outdoor balconies. Blank page's. Glass jars of water with colour deepening minute by minute. Watercolour creations. This is good for the soul...

Photography: Janelle Grace & Katie Swain

miss jackson, St Kilda

A Melbourne friend from university took me out for a fabulous breakfast at a St Kilda cafe during a recent Melbourne visit. 

miss jackson had a simplistic, minimalistic feel that captured us from the moment we walked in. Lots of white. Kinfolk magazines on display. We were early, some of the first customers on this cool summers morning. The staff were warm and hospitable. We took a seat in a quiet enclave and watched the customers filter in and the atmosphere transition. Here's a couple images from the morning...

Maria {forest shoot}

Driving past Sydney's Centennial Park one afternoon I was captivated by the setting light and the small forest in the southern corner of the park. I so miss the evergreen forests of the Northern hemisphere and this felt like a little slice of it in Sydney.

We came here a couple days later to capture some of the general splendour. It was resemblant of Maria's Norwegian homeland, the forests surrounding her coastal home in the Northern part of that stunning country and it felt apt to take some carefree photos of her here...

Model: Maria Haaland

Photographer: Janelle Grace

Second Shooter & assistant: Rebecca Lang

Brighton, UK

Brighton. A quaint, seaside town just south of London we visited to see where my sister had lived when she first moved to the UK. In every phone call would paint me pictures of this quaint, seaside town and tell me stories of eventful moments she came across during her wanders. 

Aqua water, a historic town centre, abounding vegetarian cafes, green parks with all the locals dining alfresco in the sunshine. Hidden alleyways with some of the most well stocked antique jewelry stores I've ever seen. Couples meandering down the aforementioned alleys hand in hand, peering in the windows laden with sparkling gems. Coloured bunting flitting in the breeze, contrasting against the British sky. Music posters basted up heralding the arrival of a small multitude of well known bands.

Its a seaside town with a creative heart attracting both the opulent and the bohemian. 

Blackbird Tea Rooms, Brighton, UK.

My sisters and I wandered down a side lane and came across these vintage inspired tea rooms in Brighton. Fruit scones, tea, decadent cakes, complete with white linen tablecloths and the ladies serving dressed in theme. The atmosphere made you want to sit quietly and eat daintily but I may or may not have spilt cake on the white linen tablecloth and we certainly didn't crook our pinkies drinking tea, and we are rarely quiet when together.