Wisdom from my dad

It's Fathers Day in Australia. I'm in Singapore this weekend, to photograph a wedding, and nowhere near my father.

He's a wise man, full of vision, I get my love of all things creative from him. I wish I had his logical thinking too. He see's things and comprehends how they operate. I love hearing his perspectives on situations. It challenges me to think differently, to look objectively from another angle. Thought I'd take the opportunity to share some of the less deep, but still helpful insights he's given me over the years. 

Advice from my dad: 

When taking a bath always run cold water through the tap last before you jump in. //To avoid being splashed by a boiling drop.

When cooking on a stovetop always keep the saucepan handle angled towards the wall. //This Minimises the risk off accidentally knocking off the pot.

When driving and waiting to turn into a street always aim your steering wheel straight ahead until actually turning. //In the unlikely event of an accident - being rammed up the behind - this method prevents you from being thrust into oncoming traffic.

Never drink hot liquids through a straw. //Hot liquids sink to the bottom therefore drinking through a straw increases your chance of scalding your mouth.

When waiting at traffic lights to walk across a street always position yourself diagonally behind a telegraph pole or signpost. //This way if a car goes off the road the pole can take the brunt of the force.

Always wear denim jeans when flying. //The premise here is to avoid synthetic materials as they can melt onto your skin if involved in a fire, explosion or crash...

Eat the outside corners of a sandwich before the middle. //So you don't wear jam or PB all over your face.

Don't sit in the last carriage of the train....Or the nose of an aeroplane. //The last train carriage is more likely to be derailed in an accident, and if an aeroplane nose dives, the front is the point of most impact. Avoid. Ha.

Thanks Dad. Love ya.

//Photos taken by Candice Casagrande. X