"...For me it represents cleansing. A washing away of the day. Preparation for rest. I wanted to explore what this moment often disregarded represented to other girls. To understand what they saw when they looked up and saw their makeup smeared face staring back in the reflection. What was. What is. Vulnerability. Idealism gone. Facades taken away..."

CLEANSE is a photo documentary exploring the daily ritual of facial cleansing & what that represents. The full body of work was recently exhibited at the Creative Collective HOME exhibition in Birchgrove, Sydney. 

Brighton, UK

Brighton. A quaint, seaside town just south of London we visited to see where my sister had lived when she first moved to the UK. In every phone call would paint me pictures of this quaint, seaside town and tell me stories of eventful moments she came across during her wanders. 

Aqua water, a historic town centre, abounding vegetarian cafes, green parks with all the locals dining alfresco in the sunshine. Hidden alleyways with some of the most well stocked antique jewelry stores I've ever seen. Couples meandering down the aforementioned alleys hand in hand, peering in the windows laden with sparkling gems. Coloured bunting flitting in the breeze, contrasting against the British sky. Music posters basted up heralding the arrival of a small multitude of well known bands.

Its a seaside town with a creative heart attracting both the opulent and the bohemian.