Hackney, East London

"Hackney - it’s where the city meets the East. A ten minute walk outside my apartment and you’re in the CBD - London CBD with all its high buildings, perfect concrete and glass forms. Yet literally only a couple streets over you reach the East - with its grunge, street art, concrete in disrepair, its layers of stories…the streets tell the stories, I walk them continually, mesmerized. I love those contrasts. I feel that’s what makes it move. Because it’s a breathing place, lungs and soul, it’s in my blood now. Burning red."


A feature collaboration written by Melanie Pol on her observations living in London's East.

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Displaced. You hadn't realised how comfortable you had become until the change kicks you out in broad daylight and the coat that you wore no longer fits you at all. 

Everything familiar now feels unknown. What you see coloured by the sensory filter of a changing season and appearing alien, or perhaps you're the one who is now an alien. Lights flicker on, warm yellow spilling out the panes. And the grey fades in all around. Beckoning at you once more.